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Project 004

Smart Media Forest
​스마트 미디어 포레스트
​Media Sculpture, Yongsan,Seoul, Korea

2017 /07 / 완공

Project : Smart Media Forest

Location : Yongsan, Seoul, Korea.

Artist : Jae Wan Park & Jae Sung Lee

Designer 1 : J2o Design, Jae Sung Lee, Du Ho Choi

Designer 2 : Soongsil University Global School of Media Prof. Jae Wan Park

Co-work : Jun Yong Lee, Heunsun Yoon, In Jeong Cho, Seok Won Shin, Sungshin Studio & Myungjin Light

Client : Daewoo E&C Co.,Ltd.

Complete : 2017.07​

프로젝트 : 스마트 미디어 포레스트

위치 : 용산, 서울, 대한민국

아티스트 : 박재완 & 이재성

디자이너 1 : J2o Design, 이재성 ,최두호

디자이너 2 : 이준영, 윤현선, 조인정, 신석원

시공 : 성신스튜디오 & 명진 라이트

클라이언트 : 대우건설

완공 : 2017.07

사용된 총 LED 수 : 12만개

Smart Media Forest is a huge interactive media installation that includes a sculpture, ceilings, pergolas, and benches surrounding a building complex. This installation aims to vitalize the building complex through creating organic connections between people and environments as a landmark of Yongsan, Seoul, Korea. This installation, to which media technology is applied, has the ability to be generated and operated independently and autonomously, to create living expressions through interactions with the surrounding environments such as people and weather. These vivid, natural expressions will generate a massive influx of people outside the building complex.

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